love for my soul

By: Aisyah Wahid

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Sunday, 15-Apr-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Early birthday Gift

tadaaaaa princess ikan duyung of taman tun
perut marisa macam papa
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Marisa's one and only dear Uncle Arieff bought her an early birthday present.. a small shocking pink shell like swimming pool! hoooreyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.!!!
save duit mummyyyyy

Naik sronok marisa bile dapat swim.. but its actually small..the most can fit in is 2.. kalau ines n nuhaa nak masuk main with marisa.. one of them kene bralah dulu.. but its impossible to ask the girls to bralah.. hmmm must get bigger onee laa skitt
sooo sape nak belikan plakkk annggkkattt tanngannnn

Tuesday, 10-Apr-2007 02:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Random pics from many events

nak bergaya ounye psal, pinjam spek ayah jek
two elves at eden
little pixie dazed and confused
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Big Makan-makan
I can quite remember whats this dinner is for.. someone celebrating something.. but one thing for sure, ayah paid the dinner as always
we went to Eden the curve and i somehow like that place becoz they have a room for marisa.. or kids her age to lepak n play.. atleast marisa is not bored and wont go running around the restaurant.

p/s- just realized this pics was taken last christmas.. where did the time go??

Kenduri Doa Selamat
The kenduri was held for fira as she was leaving to melbourne for her masters on ayah's regular usrah nite. (paham tak english ini?)

Nuhaa's birthday parttayyy
Nuhaa's birthday was on the 14th feb but her birthday pasty was held much later at KGNS. It was a cheetah girls theme and everyone was give a cheetah girls pass.. aisehh macam2 laa bebudak skang nih...

p/s- another birthday party coming up.. and its wild wild west theme partayyy

Thursday, 5-Apr-2007 15:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Lucky Kiddo

a house and a car
study table pun ada
nak lepak2 pun bole
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Suddenly i got mood for pictures and uploading em..


Nowdays, children are very lucky.. they are spoilt by each of their family members.. and marisa is of coz one of them.. having the privilege being the youngest in the whole family, she got lotsa hands down toys from her aunties that are all only 4-5years difference in age.. and by this we are one lucky parents.. save budget nak beli toys yg besar2 hehehehehe

We got a toy house from cik tik as syaza is now all grown up and by us taking the house atleast ciktik can clear up her space and last month we got her a mini kitchen just so she wont kaco my cooking stuffs.. and we found akims drawing table up at the attic at ayah's house.. and a car that we bought for her many many months agoo..sooo now u can see.. our balcony is now marisa's very own corner..

The nite we took pics of marisa's little corner, tetibe trase nak memain ngan camera.. so i took pictures of my apartment after rearranging a few stuffs...

so tuh laa dierr...

wait cik ya.. ill show u what uncle arieff bought for marisaa

Tuesday, 3-Apr-2007 02:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Macam macam Marisa

while waiting for
mummy, nenek n wan jah
muka cartoon 3shopping kain kat arab street
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Its been awhile that i last posted marisa's pics.. most of the times, i dunt take pics.. and only take them when i feel that im properly dressed up.. but my sisters, the camera hoggers will take loads of pics and later didnt even show me until i did some checking at the laptop.. and surprise surpriseeee.. banyak btul gambar marisa.. hmmphh i shud have known betterr!

i like all the pics of marisa and her atukkk.. cutenesss!!
and the pics with cik maya.. sighhh it only shows how mummy little girl has grown up..... wayyy to fasttt

Saturday, 17-Mar-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Weekends are full of birthdays

mermaid in the sea of cupcakes
each cuppies have its own name
lookin pretty aye
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We have been spending most weekends on birthdays... 3 weekends in a row for march.. first it was nuhaa's.. and then arianna's and lastly syaza... all little girls birthdays..
what is my default birthday presents for them?? BOOKSSSS
hadiah paling senang nak beli and paling bole budget coz u noe.. girls stuffs are veryyyy expensiveeeeeee.. so here are some of the pics taken at syaza's birthday party at Top Hat, jln kia peng.. its supposed to be a costume party.. tp rasenyer tader pun budak2 standard 1 yg dress up giler2.. tp ader 2 org budak yg telah lanjut usia.. dress up mengalahkan yg lain.. hmpphh

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